Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Simple Is The New Black

This Golden Globes we saw all the thunder directed towards a little lady we love, who in her own style rocked the awards. We are of course talking about J-Law, photobombs dress-imitations and all.

However we quickly turned our attention to the other ladies attending and we found ourselves obsessed with all the fresh hued, simple line but exquisitely put together dresses. We found them mesmerizing in their simplicity.

Of course being One Vintage girls we can't help ourselves when we see a little bit of beading...

But this year it was the ladies in plain that shone the brightest.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Every Girl Dreams of Feathers

Ever since our mum dropped us off at that first ballet class at 5 years old, we learnt that it  is every girl's dream to dance Swan Lake. And indeed it is still some of the shopgirls' dream.
And as we sat in the Sadler Well's Theatre staring lost into Mathew Bourne's rendition we couldn't help but be amazed and inspired by the boys taking on the role.

It also left us feeling a bit jealous and like we needed to claim back our right to feathers, tiaras and everything intensely girly, to make up for the fact that we won't ever move as gracefully as those boys. Good news is we have 3 floors worth of the cure.

We suggest going to see this beautiful ballet if you find yourself in London in the next month. It's an amazingly inspirational way to kick off 2014. And if it leaves you feeling the same as us, come over for an injection of tulle and pink!