Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumns Chic

With the Autumn weather starting to look like its settling in, everywhere we look on the high street there are people trying to figure out how to stay warm and dry without compromising on their style.

Here are a few of tips on how to stay upto date on the trends without catching a chill. 

1) Hats
Hats never go out of style; whether it be a stylish trilby or a wide brimmed fedora they are a staple item in anyone's wardrobe this season. Keeping us shielded from the rain as well as keeping our heads warm, they are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit day or night.

Brigitte Bardot - 1968- London

Brigitte Bardot uses her classic fedora to add a little something to her stylish 60s look, with a long black jacket she taps into the Boho style by adding a simple chain around her neck for a splash of glamour. 

Victoria Beckham- 2014- London

VB used her fedora to go incognito to her store opening in London, shielding her face from Paparazzi and passing fans, we may not have screaming fans but there are days we do want to hide from the World, a wide brimmed fedora is the chicest way to do that. VB manages to look elegant and understated in this simple yet completely stylish look.  


2) Gilets

We are not quite ready for full fur coats yet, so Gilets are the best alternatives to add a little bit of glamour to our winter wardrobes. 

Kendall Jenner (or Kendall as we are required to call her now)  has the right idea below.

Kendall Jenner- Milan- 2014

Kendall wears hers with a very casual look of skinny jeans and a baggy white t, showing us that glamour is achievable with the simplest of looks. Adding the fur Gilet she has been transformed her look. 

Kendall Jenner- New York- 2014

Here Kendall is again wearing the same Gilet but layering it over a series of other jackets. This is perfect for those colder days. Wearing a long black coat as the bottom layer and adding a denim jacket as a second layer she tops it off with her cream fur gilet giving some shape and glamour to her over all look.

Olivia Palermo- 2013- New York

Olivia Palermo is known as the ultimate fashion girl, in this look she couldn't be more on point. We love the different styles she has combined together, adding a simple black fur gilet to a smart suit look to give it a little more of casual feel. This is the ideal way to soften a hard charcoal look like this one. 


3) Belts

We know it's easy to look frumpy during the Winter months, hidden behind an overwhelming amount of layers. However we like to take some inspiration from Burberry's timeless trench's and DVF's staple belted dresses; and DEFINE that waistline.  

Who needs buttons or zips when you have a belt, adding a bit of shape to our bulky coats or loose outfits they are the ultimate addition for us this winter adding a little drama and fun this season.

Blake Lively- 2014- Cannes

In hindsight after her big announcement today it's not surprising Blake Livley went for a loose fit coat to arrive at Cannes. Adding some color to a basic black look she arrives at the airport looking Parisian chic in this over sized pink wrap coat, pulled in at the waist by the belt to highlight her slim physique 

Ciara- 2014- New York

Ciara displays an on point bold color block look above. Yet the outfit has remained rather minimal in its completion. 
Defining her waistline with the belt helps cut up the outfit minimizing the risk of looking 'frumpy', and after adding the elegant heel to finish off shes managed to take a classic winter coat to another glamorous level. 


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